Weather Alerts for Crawford WI

Issued by the National Weather Service

Hydrologic Outlook  HYDROLOGIC OUTLOOK   Hydrologic Outlook

Areas Affected:
Crawford - Grant - Richland - Vernon
Effective: Thu, 6/21 10:04am Updated: Thu, 6/21 4:25pm Urgency: Future
Expires: Thu, 6/21 8:00pm Severity: Unknown Certainty: Possible

...River Rises And Ponding Of Water Through This Evening...
Moderate rainfall will continue into this evening with rain totals
of 1 to locally 2 inches expected. Since the ground is already
saturated, this rainfall will result in runoff, resulting in rises
on streams and rivers. Ponding of water can also be expected in poor
drainage areas. Minor flooding could result if the rain becomes
locally heavy in a short period of time. Be sure to avoid any areas
of high water. If you live near a stream or are camping in a low
lying area, be alert for rising water levels.